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Arunachal Pradesh

Debate on Arunachal and Democracy held by Himalayan University

Dr. Mittal further said that we live in the world's largest democracy, and we must safeguard its integrity by holding free and fair elections. Arunachal Pradesh has emerged as a thriving state, with rising urbanization, education levels, and living conditions, according to participants in the motion debate.

Himalayan University hosted a debate on Arunachal Pradesh and Democracy

Itanagar, August 9, 2021: Diana Mum Tamuk and MilloMunya were adjudged the winners of a debate competition conducted on Thursday by Himalayan University on the topic "Has Arunachal Truly Evolved as A Vibrant Democracy Since the Last 32 Years". Twenty-one students participated in the competition. Meanwhile, Omen Pangam and Likha Raja were awarded as the runners-up in the debate.

Throughout the debate, several concerns were raised, and participants expressed their opinions on the issue. "Debate is a sport that sharpens one's analytical, critical, and quick-thinking skills, persuasive speaking skills, note-taking, fast reading, and in-depth research skills," said Registrar of the University Dr. Vivek Mittal.