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Arunachal Pradesh

Annual Sports Week, Himalayan University


Himalayan University, Jollang, Itanagar, organized their 4th Annual Sports Week, from April 19- April 22’2022.

Honourable Minister, Sports- Youth Affairs and WRD, Shri Mama Natung Ji, graced the event with his presence. He shared valuable insights with students about how active involvement in sports activities can have positive and long-lasting effects on the body, and help in remaining fit and healthy.

Sh. Natung Ji, educated everyone present about the efforts of Arunachal Pradesh government to instill spirit of sports in younger population of the state, announcing various policies to encourage players. He further elaborated on this, saying how active participation in sports activities helps in shaping the character of any human being, as well as enhances mental and physical well-being.


The event was inaugurated with a magnificent dance performance by the students of Himalayan University, followed by many games, like, cricket, football, volleyball, badminton among others.

All games were attended by a large number of audiences.

 The event went on for four days, at the end of which a prize ceremony was also held.


Himalayan University is one of India’s leading educational institutions offers a plethora of disciplines, covering all major courses, while keeping up to date with globally trending courses. The university has been growing steadily and is most sought after for admissions by students from all over India.


HU invites everyone to grace the event with their presence and showcase their talents.

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